I think the biggest order I got was parfaits, steaks and chickens. I felt that my meals were ready for the week. And I ordered these while I have Covid so I had to make sure I was getting nutritional food and protein. The food kept me full and happy despite being sick.

I would say, if you’re on the fence, just try it. My little thing I do is I always add a bit of Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing to my proteins. When it’s mixed with the cilantro green sauce, it’s so good!!!!"

Robyn E

I am no longer stressed about having to rush home from work to cook dinner. Additionally after purchasing I have significantly cut down how much fast food I eat a week. It helps to be able to have a healthy meal waiting for me when I get home. The meals are amazing and there is different options to choose from if you don’t want to eat the same thing every day. The portion size is perfect!

Jennifer T

After purchasing, easy to meet my quota. Just heat and eat! I feel a lot better because I don't skip meals as frequently now. I would say give it a try! It's healthy and tastes great...and I don't even like chicken, so that's saying lot. *I think pricing is very fair and the deliver option saves my life.

Karolina J

Lunch is the hardest meal for me to stay on track with. I would wait too long to eat and then I’d be starving and make bad choices and wouldn’t eat anything healthy. When I found prepped by break meals it made it so easy for me to eat a healthy lunch and feel good about it! I’ve lost 5 pounds in the first week and am loving all the options! The yogurt parfait is the perfect snack between lunch and dinner too! Love love love prepped by break meals! 🙌🏼❤️

Michelle M

When I first started meal prepping and counting macros, it was so stressful to make sure I was getting everything that I needed. I started a new full time job, had a new baby and was also breastfeeding. It was just amazing finding Prepped by Brek. The food is amazing reheated fresh or from frozen and they are filling so you aren’t starving afterwards. Bonus is that Brek is just an amazing person and is so driven and hardworking.

Kristen M